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About us

At WELBO we believe in a future in which social robots and people join forces to offer the best possible service together. A robot is the ideal colleague for repetitive or time-consuming tasks, so that people can focus on personal contact and high-quality service.

Our mission is to ‘Excite your guests and transform your organization by creating new experiences with social robots that continue to grow and learn…’

We help our customers with high-quality robotics solutions. We improve our customers’ business processes and guarantee the privacy of their guests and the security of the data at every stage.

WELBO is ISO27001-certified and execution is in the hands of experts with years of robotics experience.

In addition, we partner with Receptel and Qmatic, specialists in hospitality and customer journey management. As such, our customers are assured of a very strong team that gives provides a sustainable edge in the digital future

The WELBO team

Roel Lead DevOps

Strategic thinker who answers questions that we had not yet come up with. More effective than any algorithm.

Roeland Director of Growth

Practical futurist who wants to help humanity move forward. Eager to make our solutions more social and always ready to explain what is possible.

Johan Sales Consultant

Good natured and driven sales manager with a passion for customer outreach. Has personally delivered robots to innovative care institutions across the Netherlands.

Dominique Sales Consultant

Social robot evangelist who always goes the extra mile. Expert on human-robot interaction.

Eert Developer

Optimistic developer who loves to explore new functionality. A transport robot? Pro-active approach? A social robot which interviews someone? Count him in.

Stan Developer

Developer extraordinaire with a penchant for solving really hard back end challenges. When he’s not making social robots even more social he’s flying his pet drone.

Pepper Robot

Friendly robot with an attitude. Wants to win award for best receptionist ever.

Transport robot Robot

Pepper’s strong and reliable brother. He always delivers.

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