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The Corona crisis has a huge impact on the use of office facilities. In June the average occupancy dropped to 35%. ‘Post-corona’ we will not simply go back to the ‘pre-corona’ situation. Organizations will make permanent changes to the way they operate. What will this mean for the way reception areas are organized?
The coolest social robot office in Amsterdam, is definitely WELBO’s new office in the World Fashion Center. The WFC is a very famous and vibrant location in Amsterdam famous for its fashion companies, but nowadays, one of the towers (the shiny tower nr.4) is being used by other types of companies including high-tech start-ups like WELBO.  WELBO is using a ground floor office, right next to the main entrance, allowing it to be very
We all know that people are bombarded with information on a daily basis. News sites, social media feeds, radio, TV, colleagues, e-mail, memos…sometimes I wonder why we don’t all massively go into overload mode. When I was a consultant, I had to present quite a bit to managers that were clearly buckling under an excess of information. It can be especially hard to keep people’s attention in such scenarios. Now, since I moved into