Newsletter May 2021 – Reconnect Your Workplace With Social Robots

Partnership Temi

Dear reader, We have expanded our robot family, by entering a partnership with Temi Robot. This means that the Temi Robot is now available in the Netherlands. Temi places you at the centre of technology and is designed around video communications.

Built for hybrid working environments, Temi allows effortless communication and empowers the connection in remote working environments. The robot will boost your office experience and drive innovation.

Temi is highly configurable to the needs of your organization and is equipped with the same smart cloud based WELBO brain as our other robots.

Want to know more about how your business can benefit from Temi? We will give you some ideas

Temi for business

A cost-effective robot that delivers groundbreaking engagement solutions for your business.Temi engages the conversation and strengthens the alignment in remote collaboration, through telepresence technology.

  • Engage and interact in remote meetings and office space
  • Front desk functions-check-in, guidance and ask for feedback
  • Inform your guests, customers and employees on company and house rules

Temi for healthcare

Temi supports hospital and medical staff in monitoring and taking care for their patients. On top of that it offers a family telepresence functionality for their hospitalized relative.

  • Controllable driving robot with video streaming for patient & family members
  • Tele consulting for doctors and medical staff
  • Informing , entertaining and guiding patients

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You are cordially invited to visit us in Amsterdam. You can experience Pepper’s hospitality firsthand. Also, you have the opportunity to meet our family of robots and their human colleagues.

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