Discover how social robots optimize banking hospitality services

The best technique to establish a good brand image is to innovate the reception area with modern and responsive solutions. Imagine being received by a robot!  How nice would that be?

In collaboration with Rabobank, a leading bank from Netherlands, and Sparq, a leader in reception and service desk outsourcing, we’ve created a co-creation where Pepper is transforming and elevating the customer experiences every day at Rabobank, Utrecht. You can verbally talk to Pepper or communicate via a touchscreen.

With the help of detection sensors, Pepper notices when you are in the area to give you a friendly welcome. You can register verbally or via the touchscreen for an appointment or an event, or enjoy a robot dance while in the waiting area or provides Covid 1.5m distance training and gathers feedback as well. Pepper does it all for you!

Want to find out more about Rabobank’s robot use case? Here’s the full webinar about the social robotics use case implemented at Rabobank!

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You are cordially invited to visit us in Amsterdam. You can experience Pepper’s hospitality firsthand. Also, you have the opportunity to meet our family of robots and their human colleagues.

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