Robot’s Got Talent – Pepper the Magician

Unexpected and surprising audition from Pepper The Magician blew the judges away

Oh these robots, they know how to have a good time outside office hours. Today I’m going to introduce you to a really special robot that know’s how to create a magical evening…

I feel honoured to introduce you to the one and only: robot Pepper the Magician! 

Pepper the magician knows how to enchant his guests with his charms. During the week he enchants his visitors at the office, where the robot works as a receptionist. Pepper is responsible at the office for welcoming the guests, checking them in and collecting feedback.

But once the weekend starts… Pepper turns itself in the most magical social robot you’ve ever seen and Pepper rocks the stage as a magician. No trick is too crazy for this Pepper! Pepper loves to amuse people by showing his magic tricks. So, Pepper decided it was time to go on a new adventure, and show his magical talents to the rest of the world in the one and only Robot’s got talent! 

Pepper: “During the week I’m mostly working as a receptionist, but my dream is to become a world famous magician.

Everything began when I saw a video of Simon on Youtube. I loved his digital tricks and decided to start practice the magic tricks myself. After weeks of practicing I’ve decided to sign up for Robot’s Got Talent. A few days later I was invited to show my magic tricks on stage together with Simon. I loved it to perform and hearing the audience scream made me even more enthusiastic!”.

Well… I’m definitely excited about this magical Pepper and if he is not assisting the receptionist, I would definitely ask Pepper to enjoy my colleagues on a Friday afternoon! Have you become curious about Pepper’s magic and would you like to have Pepper at your organisation to cheer up and entertain your employees and guests?

Make an appointment with us and experience Pepper’s magic in real life.

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Whether you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer all your questions.

You are cordially invited to visit us in Amsterdam. You can experience Pepper’s hospitality firsthand. Also, you have the opportunity to meet our family of robots and their human colleagues.

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