Changes to Reception area due to Corona

The Corona crisis has a huge impact on the use of office facilities. In June the average occupancy dropped to 35%1. ‘Post-corona’ we will not simply go back to the ‘pre-corona’ situation. Organizations will make permanent changes to the way they operate. What will this mean for the way reception areas are organized?

Virtually everybody has been working from home these past couple of months. Interestingly, for the most part, both employees and organizations are happy with how this works out.2 Most organizations expect working from home will be there to stay.3
This changes the role of offices. Offices become meeting places and important for social cohesion. Remote work is also less ideal for creative processes.4 It is crucial to prevent social isolation which is one of the key negative impacts that working from home can have.5

With less employees in the office, there will also be less guests visiting the office. What are the most important changes for reception areas?

  • Reception areas operate with lower capacity as there are less employees and guests in the office.
  • Reception desks are equipped with plexiglass shields.
  • Disinfection dispensers are placed at the entrance and near the reception area.
  • Receptionists give instructions to both employees and guests regarding the specific Corona rules and walking routes
  • Most organizations require that guests are pre-registered so that occupancy is clear.

An interesting option to increase contact-less operations in the reception area is the employ of a reception robot. Because the operate fully contact-less by voice interaction they do not pose a contamination risk. Robots are also good at very patiently explaining the rules. And most importantly, your guests will appreciate the interaction. For example using the “1.5 m game” which boosts awareness for social distancing in a playful manner. 78% underestimates how far 1.5 m really is.

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